Duck and Bottom
Duck on head
Interactive Adult Play Area

With this body of work I was interested in what makes us happy. I decided to look at what makes children happy, how their lives are simple and they are happy by the little things, like bright colours and rubber ducks. Then, I contrasted it with what makes adults happy, alcohol, love, sex, for example.

Pintura De Un Dibujo
Oil on canvas, 0.9 by 1.2m
Sin Titulo

Oil on canvas, 0.5 by 0.7m

Title: El Ibis Escarlata Contemplando Su Vida (The Scarlett Ibis Contemplates His Life)
Medium: Hair pin, pink bed sheet, newspaper, string, Chinese pink twigs, cardboard box, pink tissue paper, newspaper
This piece explores the personification of a Scarlett Ibis, he is paused with a pensive gaze, contemplating his life and the decisions he has made thus far.