Urban Landscape
Oil on canvas, 0.7 by 0.5 m
Bikini or no Bikini

Bikini or no Bikini – Pokes fun at the canon that in the home, it is important that only a selected few get to see you in your underwear. Yet on the beach, everyone gets the privilege, maybe even a boob too.

Classical Painting replication, oil on canvas, 110 by 70cm

Comfortable Foreigner

Medium: Watermelon, light, plastic flowers, coloured paper, green fabric, kid’s ball

Using the balance of colour and objects in space, Comfortable creates a serene environment, where everything has settled and assumed a relaxed position.

This piece addresses settling into a foreign country, to the point where one feels comfortable.

Saludos Sin Palabras
My piece is about the different types of greetings in the world and how sometimes greetings are a bit uncomfortable, or funny. For example, a person gives two kisses, but at the same time, the other person goes for a handshake … This kind of thing is interesting … the things we don’t realize that we have to translate.
I Think We’re Running Late
Oil on board

This piece is of 2 chicas running naked in the mountains of Teruel.

Look at that Fucking Palace
Oil and oil pastel on canvas
120 x 170cm
Look At That Fucking Palace
Installation view
Dimensions Variable