Every day is the Same but Different (2020), 4 minutes 57 seconds

Every Day is the Same but Different; a story of two girls from the beginning of the pandemic and how they grow to adapt to the ‘new normal’ through virtual relationships and lengthy times spent at home in Loughborough. Awarded First Prize for LUArts short film competition.

Bikini or no Bikini (2019), 1 minute 59 seconds

Pokes fun at the canon that in the home, it is important that only a selected few get to see you in your underwear. Yet on the beach, everyone gets the privilege, maybe even a boob too.

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Saludos Sin Palabras, (2019) 1 minute 20 seconds

This piece is about the different types of greetings in the world and how sometimes greetings are a bit uncomfortable. For example, a person gives two kisses, but at the same time, the other person goes for a handshake … This kind of thing is interesting … the things we don’t realize that we have to translate.

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Group Portrait, 2017, film stills